Science in Your World Fair

Oxfordshire Science Festival, 7th March 2015


NDM had a stall in Bonn Square at the Science in Your World science fair, part of the Oxfordshire Science Festival launch weekend. The sunny Saturday saw hundreds of people visit the stall to find out more about research happening in the Department and to try out some fun science activities.


Visitors to the stall could find out about how viruses evade the immune system by changing their appearance by playing a chocolate flu game, learn about base pairing and DNA structure by making DNA bracelets, colour in cell diagrams whilst learning about GFP, find out about genetic variation with the gene tree, or find out more about malaria through demonstration of an app we are developing. In particular, the DNA bracelets were a big hit with visitors both young and old. Younger visitors enjoyed the chocolate reward for demonstrating their virus knowledge and having their cell pictures displayed for everyone to see. 

The stall was manned by enthusiastic staff and students from across the Department, who expertedly tailored each activity to their audience at the time. We were really impressed with some of the knowledge about DNA and diseases shown by our young visitors and how quickly they could grasp scientific concepts. 

As usual, the NDM syringe pens were in high demand and more than 250 were handed out over the course of the day.