Soapbox city 2014

Soapbox city
The Oxford Preservation Trust team of speakers.

On Thursday 1st May 2014, Oxford Playhouse and Pegasus Theatre presented Soapbox City, a chance for Oxford’s residents to address the world.

The event included a 30-minute slot curated by The Oxford Preservation Trust. Dr Kimberley Bryon-Dodd,  NDM Strategic Scientific Outreach Manager, spoke, as part of this section. Her talk 'Endeavour. Discover. Inspire. Engage.' highlighted the involvement of NDM with Oxford Open Doors.

"It was a great opportunity to speak to the public about all the fantastic discoveries being made by scientists in NDM. Last year NDM took part in Oxford Open Doors, with a mini-science fair in Magdalen College and tours of the NDMRB. We hope to continue participating in this, and similar initiatives, in the future because it not only rasies the profile of what our scientist are doing but helps to inform local residents about the discoveries happening on their doorsteps." - Dr Kimberley Bryon-Dodd.