NDM Graduate Student Consultative Committee (GSCC)

The GSCC meets termly to act as a two-way channel of communication between the department and its student on all aspects of the their education experience in the department. The GSCC is chaired by the Student Representatives from the Graduate Studies Committee.

Minutes from last meeting

The Minutes from the HT2018 term meeting can be found here.

The Minutes and Action Plan from the MT2017 term meeting can be found here.

Composition and Membership

Terms of Reference can be found here.

The GSSC aims to have at least two representatives from each department unit. It is currently recruiting representatives. If you are interested in becoming a student representative, please contact the Graduate Studies Manager.



Chair – appointed by the Student Committee

 Mattia Zucca

Deputy Chair – appointed by the Student Committee

 Ryan Hoyle

Unit Representatives


Experimental Medicine

 Ryan Hoyle

Jenner Institute

 Ariane Cruz Gomes, Mona Mohsen, Andres Noe

Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research (LICR)

 Mattia Zucca

NDM Research Building (NDMRB)


Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC)

 Elphire Ehmed, Jack Kelly

Structural Biology (STRUBI)

 Elizabeth Allen

Centre for Tropical Medicine and Global Health (TROPMED)

 Kartika Saraswati (MORU), Phoebe Williams (KEMRI)

MSc for International Health & Tropical Medicine (IHTM)

 Lonnie Hackett, Asmaa Shaboun, Ida Whiteman

Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics (WTCHG)


Regularly in attendance


Director of Graduate Studies

Robert Gilbert

Graduate Studies Manager