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The Graduate Studies Committee meets termly to discuss policy on admissions and the provision for current graduates in the department. The Committee reports to the Head of Department, Richard Cornall.

Terms of Reference

Director of Graduate Studies: Professor Robert Gilbert NDM
Deputy Director of Graduate Studies Professor Julian Knight


Graduate Advisors Professor Brian Angus Tropical Medicine
Dr Proochista Ariana MSc IHTM
Professor Ellie Barnes Experimental Medicine (Medawar Building)
Associate Professor Philippa Matthews Experimental Medicine (Medawar Building)
Professor Sarah De Val Ludwig
Professor Tao Dong CAMS-Oxford/ WIMM
Associate Professor Wyatt Yue CMD
Professor Lisa White BDI
Professor Teresa Lambe Jenner/ Pirbright
Professor Jonathan Grimes STRUBI
Professor Sarah Rowland-Jones TDI
Professor Robert Gilbert CCMP / DTC / BDI
Associate Professor Richard Maude MORU
Associate Professor Ronald Geskus OUCRU
Professor Lisa White MSc MGH
Dr Proochista Ariana MSc IHTM
Helen Lockstone MSc GM
Professor Trudie Lang
Unit representatives: Professor Arturo Reyes-Sandoval JENNER CCMP
Associate Professor Catherine Green WHG
Associate Professor Sam Kinjanjui KWTRP
Dr Leigh jones OUCRU MORU
NDM Strategic:

Mr Darren Nash, Associate Head of Department (Academic Support & Finance)

Fiona Williams, NDM Business Manager
Lettitia Derrington, Graduate Studies Manager
Abigail Ramirez, Graduate Studies Assistant
Student representatives: David Cruz Walma
Marco Polo Peralta Alvarez

Contact Email: