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Graduate advisors are senior academics representing the different institutes in the department who sit on the Graduate Studies Committee. Graduate Advisors in the NDM can sign off GSO forms such as requests for Transfers of Status, Confirmation of Status and the Appointment of Examiners.

Their role is

  • To assist the Director of Graduate Studies and the Graduate Studies Manager
  • To monitor the progress of students in their institute
  • To provide advice to students
  • To assess and approve the termly reports
  • To support the supervisors, particularly those inexperienced in student supervision
  • To help in the assessment of students and the conduct of admissions

Current Graduate Advisors are

Name Constituency
Graduate Advisors Associate Professor Brian Angus Tropical Medicine
(Assistant Directors of Graduate Studies): Dr Proochista Ariana Course Director - MSc IHTM
Professor Ellie Barnes RMU/TGU
Dr Philippa Matthews Experimental Medicine
Dr Sarah De Val Ludwig
Prof. Tao Dong CAMS-Oxford/ WIMM
Associate Professor Panagis Filippakopoulos SGC
Associate Professor Cecilia Lindgren BDI
Dr Teresa Lambe Jenner
Jonathan Grimes STRUBI
Prof. Sarah Rowland-Jones NIH-OxCam
Prof. Robert Gilbert CCMP/DTC/NIH-OxCam