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Social spaces and facilities

Most of the buildings that you will be working in will have cafes and flexible spaces for relaxing and studying.

You will also be able to make use of the mobile bike repair services that are offered around the university including the Old Road Campus.


Workspace will be allocated according to individual circumstances. If undertaking experimental work, you will be provided with bench space in a laboratory. If undertaking theoretical research, you will have shared office space.


The Knowledge Centre on the Old Road Campus site has a range of books and journals in the fields of public health, cancer services and diabetes. The computer suite provides access to all the electronic journals and databases available on the University network. There is a space for quiet study and group discussion, in addition advice and help can be sought from the outreach librarians.

The Cairns Library is the largest branch of the Health Care Libraries and is situated in the John Radcliffe Hospital, a short walk away from Old Road Campus. Further information about the libraries can be accessed at

The Radcliffe Science Library is the main science reference library of the University of Oxford. It supports the teaching and research needs of the science departments across the University. The Library subscribes to many journals published overseas, most of which are in English. It holds strong collections of books and journals in the biological sciences, computing science, experimental psychology, history of science, mathematics, medicine and the physical sciences. Good provision is made of scientific reference books, bibliographies, dictionaries and encyclopaedias. Scientific doctoral theses submitted for degrees at Oxford are deposited in the library. There is a considerable amount of older material, especially from the 19th century contained in the library. Further information is available here:

There is a wealth of exciting materials available in the many gardens, libraries and museums around Oxford University for students and researchers. Digital collections are also available.


Your IT setup should be discussed as part of your building induction with each building having their own IT support team.

NDM research buildings

Getting started: IT information including your Single Sign On (SSO) and emails etc

Experimental facilities/laboratories

NDM is based across multiple local sites, including the John Radcliffe and Churchill Hospitals, and the University of Oxford’s Old Road Campus – one of the largest centres for biomedical research in Europe. With over £200M invested in capital projects and research infrastructure over the past decade, this rapidly growing campus provides a vibrant, highly interactive environment for research development, and career development for young scientists.

NDM research buildings

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