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This handbook applies to students starting a DPhil course within the Nuffield Department of Medicine in October 2020. The information in this handbook may be different for students starting in other terms or years.

Version: 1.0 published 17 September 2020


If there is a conflict between information in this handbook and the Examination Regulations then you should follow the Examination Regulations. If you have any concerns please contact

The information in this handbook is accurate as at 9 September 2020, however it may be necessary for changes to be made in certain circumstances, as explained at If such changes are made the department will publish a new version of this handbook together with a list of the changes and students will be informed.

Useful department contacts

Your supervisors will be able to provide guidance and encouragement throughout your studies. Your supervisors will bear overall responsibility for the direction of your work. It is crucial that you contact your supervisors early on in order to establish communication with them. Every student in the Medical Sciences Division requires at least two supervisors; the details of the supervisory team vary depending on the nature of the project, the structure of the lab or group, and so on.

The Director of Graduate Studies (DGS), Professor Rob Gilbert, oversees graduate studies in the NDM and can provide additional advice and support particularly where differences of opinion arise between the supervisor and student. Rob is also the Disability Lead for the Department. / 01865 76070 or 287535.

The Graduate Studies Manager (GSM), Ms Lettitia Derrington, will be able to deal with general enquiries about the Department, the course, and progress milestones. / 01865 287982.

The Deputy Director of Graduate Studies is Professor Julian Knight. Julian is a clinician and has a particular role supporting and advocating for clinician graduate students within the Department.

Due to the scale of the NDM there are also Graduate Advisors (Assistant Directors of Graduate Studies) in the different Units.

Key resources

Central university

Medical Sciences Division

Nuffield Department of Medicine

Buildings/Locations/Maps/ Access

The Department is structured around several scientifically autonomous sub-divisions made up of Institutes, Centres and Units in Oxford and abroad. Those based in Oxford are located in various research buildings, many of which are in the Old Road Campus site in Headington. The website for each building will detail access information, but this information can also be found on the Medical Sciences Access Guide.

Useful links:

Important dates

Dates of Term: Oxford's year is divided into three terms and three vacations. Within each term, a "Full Term" of eight weeks is the main teaching period.

Induction events

  • NDM induction (online): 5 October 2020 (09:00 - 11:00)
  • Medical Sciences Graduate School Welcome Event:
  • New starters welcome and NDM Prize award ceremony: tbc