Student representation, evaluation and feedback

Department representation

The NDM Graduate Student Committee is led by research students, for research students. All research students can notify their NDM Institute/Centre/Unit’s, or any, member of the student committee of an issue they wish to have raised. The student committee provides a forum for students to communicate more effectively with the departmental administration with the objective of improving service delivery for students.

The student committee was established in TT2017 and is still recruiting members.

Division and University representation

The DPhil student body will elect two representatives each year who will sit on the Departmental Graduate Studies Committee and the Divisional Joint Consultative Committee. These representatives will also act as Chairs for the NDM Student Committee.

Opportunities to provide evaluation and feedback

We welcome feedback from students at any time which can be submitted to the Graduate Studies Manager and/or your student rep. You are also encouraged to forward feedback, comments, suggestions etc to the Student Committee who can then bring this to the attention of the Graduate Studies Committee.