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As a doctoral student with the Nuffield Department of Medicine, you will carry out research in a laboratory for three to four years if studying full-time, or six to eight years if studying part-time. There is no standard period of rotation between laboratories. All doctoral students develop their skills through a range of research training and skills development in their first year of full-time study or first two years of part-time study, by attending compulsory and optional courses and lectures in laboratory techniques and generic skills, including scientific writing and statistics, while also working at the bench.

You will be encouraged to attend lectures and seminars related to your programme of research and make the most of the doctoral training and research methods provision available across the Medical Sciences division. The aim is to tailor this training to individual needs and bring all students up to satisfactory level in background knowledge. Later training is focused on the skills required for a successful career in independent research.

Course structure/description

Your career as a DPhil student is divided into stages and you are required to meet the requirements of certain milestones in order to progress to the next stage.

Dphil progression chart

Course structure/description table

These milestones require you to complete a Graduate Studies Office (GSO) form (please make sure that you download the MSD version where they exist).

The process for these forms for NDM students is summarised in this PDF flowchart.

You will receive an email from graduate studies about these milestones a term before they are due. You should then take this opportunity to discuss the next milestone with your supervisors and fill in the appropriate GSO form (remember to use the MSD version) and follow the process described in the flowchart above.

If you have any questions about any of these milestones or forms, please email the Graduate Studies Manager in the first instance.

Further information can be found: