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The Programme

The Department has a major commitment to tropical medicine and global health.

members from the tropical medicine and global health department

scientists handling samplesTropical Medicine & Global Health is involved in major long term collaborative partnerships in Africa and south-east Asia with research staff working within a range of national research institutions. Our approach is multidisciplinary, running from community-based research, through epidemiology, clinical research and basic laboratory sciences to health systems, social science and policy-based research.

Admission is competitive and decided on excellence, we have a strong emphasis on capacity building and encourage applications from all over the world.



NDM Doctoral Prize Studentships are our fully-funded 4-year scholarships open to outstanding students of any nationality, which are advertised each autumn for students who want to start the following October. The application deadline is early January each year and offers made in early February.

Other sources of full funding include: the Wellcome Trust 4 year PhD programme in Immunology and Infectious Disease, which include a lab rotation in the first year; partnership programmes including the NIH-Oxford Scholars Program, Scripps-Oxford and the A*STAR Research Institute in Singapore and various sources of fellowship funding from a range of funders.

Doctoral Projects

child being weighedProjects cover a wide range of disciplines from community based research, through epidemiology, clinical research and basic laboratory sciences to health systems, social science and policy based research These are applied to major infectious diseases including malaria and a range of bacterial and viral pathogens. As countries go through epidemiological transitions there is an increasing emphasis on non-communicable as well as communicable diseases. For more details see the Tropical Medicine & Global Health website which also has links to the individual overseas programme web sites.

Projects relating to Tropical medicine and global health

Training and Career Development

scientist in the lab

Given the wide range of disciplines and possible physical locations, training is individualized for each student and project and aims to bring all students up to satisfactory level in background knowledge. In all cases the first year will include a range of courses and lectures on basic research skills and methodology. Later training is focused on the skills required for a successful career in independent research.

NDM students in tropical medicine and global health are part of the Oxford tropical network and have opportunities to attend network meetings and interact with colleagues from across the world.

MSc International Health and Tropical Medicine

How to apply