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We've asked Sarah Dixon-Clarke from the UK why she decided to do a DPhil project in the Nuffield Department of Medicine. During her undergraduate degree she undertook a BBSRC summer studentship, which enabled her to get some research experience in a lab.

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She is now doing a DPhil in the Structural Genomics Consortium, an NDM unit. She found that the DPhil project on offer and the Department particularly appealing, due to the extensive experience in X-ray crystallography - a technique that she was keen to learn. She thinks Oxford is a beautiful city to live in and really enjoys college life.

Sarah Dixon-Clarke

Sarah Dixon-Clarke, from the UK, joined the University of Oxford in 2011 after studying Biological Sciences and Biochemistry at the University of St Andrews. Sarah is affiliated with University College and works on structure-function analysis of a novel CDK-cyclin family under the supervision of Dr Alex Bullock.

NDM Prize Studentship

Every year, about 60 DPhil students start a life changing experience in the Nuffield Department of Medicine at the University of Oxford.

Applications are invited for the NDM Prize Studentships in October each year. The application deadline closes in early January each year, and interviews take place towards the end of January. Candidates are judged on the basis of their academic and research potential.

The Prize Studentships are open to graduate students from all countries. Candidates should submit an online application by the deadline. Please read our guidance on how to apply.