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Ellen Visscher

DPhil student

Research Interests

I am part of the CDT in Health Data Science. After the initial training portion of the programme, my project will concern the development of software that can be used to analyse novel TAPS data, to investigate the relationship between SNPs, somatic mutations and DNA methylation. TAPS data measures DNA methylation with fewer errors than bisulphite sequencing while preserving DNA integrity even at low concentrations. The idea is that this technology can be used to measure both methylation and genetic variation in the same assay, reducing cost and potentially increasing power. My specific interests lie in the development and adaption of the statistical techniques required to analyse and integrate genomic data such as TAPS.


I completed a dual Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics at the University of Queensland (UQ) and joined an Operations Research Consultancy as a backend software developer. I then worked as a research assistant at UQ looking at theory around LD score regression, a technique used to estimate confounding in GWAS, after which I completed my Masters in Biomathematics (remotely) at UCLA.  Outside of study, I enjoy bouldering, running, cooking and chocolate.