The role of graduate advisors

Graduate advisors are senior academics representing the different institutes in the department who sit on the Graduate Studies Committee. Graduate Advisors in the NDM can sign off GSO forms such as requests for Transfers of Status, Confirmation of Status and the Appointment of Examiners.

Their role is

Current Graduate Advisors are

Prof. Julian Knight, Deputy Director of Graduate Studies

Dr Susan Daenke, Structural Biology

Dr John Christianson, Ludwig

Associate Professor Angela Brueggemann, The Peter Medawar Building for Pathogen Research (ExpMed)

Associate Professor Katja Simon, JR Hospital site (ExpMed)

Associate Professor Arturo Reyes-Sandoval, Jenner

Associate Professor Brian Angus, Tropical Medicine

Associate Professor Panagis Filippakopoulos, Structural Genomics Consortium

Prof. Sarah Rowland-Jones, NIH-Oxford Programme

Prof. Tao Dong, CAMS-Oxford Centre for Translational Immunology