Training, Skills and Records

There are many teaching and learning opportunities for Students in the University, and the research councils recommend that Graduate Research Students should spend 10 days a year on graduate skills training and attend at least 50 seminars. Courses are listed on the Medical Science Skills Programme website.

Some training and skills form a compulsory part of the course, whilst others are tailored individually. Your Supervisor will advise you on your training programme. Documentation of training in skills and training is required at the Transfer of Status and Confirmation of Status.

Students are encouraged to keep a logbook of training, alongside seminars and other meetings they have attended. They should record progress in training in their termly reports, which they can access via the Graduate Supervision Reporting (GSR) using their university single user login.

The University expects its Graduates to develop skills in the following areas.

Details on specific course requirements in the NDM can be found on Compulsory Training for Research Students; the University Courses list links to other training opportunities. More details on Skills and Training are available on the Medical Sciences Division WebLearn pages.