Transfer of Status (from PRS to DPhil or MSc)

In the NDM an application for transfer of status must made within 3-4 terms of admission.  The transfer examination assesses the student's progress, understanding of the field and plans for successful completion of the thesis. Transfer is not an automatic process.

The Transfer of Status procedure is meant to assist the student - to ensure that the students' work is progressing as it should, and to look into any early issues that may have arisen. Many students have noted how helpful the procedure is and how interesting it was to discuss their work with the assessors.

For details of this process, please refer to the Medical Sciences Graduate School WebLearn pages.

A few additional notes:

  1. The Transfer Report for the DPhil should be not more than 3,000 words in length – which includes an abstract, introduction, results, discussion, a detailed timetable leading to submission and a methods section*. Students may add appendices of up to 2,000 words including figure legends, references and – if you have not included it within the main report – a methods section*. These are strict limits set by the Divisional Graduate Studies Committee and must be adhered to. (*The methods section can be included either within the body of the main report or within the appendices.)
  2. For the DPhil, the supervisor(s) will normally propose two assessors internal to Oxford (this includes contract research staff and NHS staff with university appointments). The assessors must include one person from outside the student's own department and one person who has supervised a D.Phil. to completion. Those who have acted in a formal advisory capacity cannot act as their assessor at transfer (including graduate and college advisors)
  3. Once signed by all parties, the GSO form must be sent to the NDM Graduate Studies Manager. The Graduate Studies Manager will collate the papers and contact the proposed assessors to see whether they are willing to act in that capacity.
  4. The transfer report can be sent directly (by the student) to to the assessors.
  5. Following submission of the transfer report students should meet with their assessors to discuss the background to their work, progress to date and plans for the rest of their research degree. The student may be asked to give an informal presentation as part of the viva. Typically transfer vivas might be expected to last 1-2 hours.