I have been the Goods-In Technician in the ORCRB since the building opened in 2008. As part of the Buildings Facilities team, I receive goods that come into the building, use Oracle R12 to receipt the goods on the system and ensure safe and secure storage and dispatch of those goods, interacting with drivers and all staff in the building.

When my wife Sue, who also works in NDM, had our first child in 2012, we concluded that the ideal outcome for us would be for me to work part-time (Monday-Wednesday) while our son went to nursery, and then I could be at home on Thursdays and Fridays. I submitted a flexible working request to my manager, which was approved. The ORCRB team then recruited an appropriate job-share, who worked Thursdays and Fridays. When Sue was off for a second period of maternity leave in 2014/15 I returned to full time work temporarily, then I reverted back to part-time hours when she returned to work.

The flexible working arrangement has been beneficial for us all. Sue has been able to continue developing her career while I have benefitted from enjoying the time with our children. As the children are now at school, Sue also has flexible working arrangements during term time by being able to finish early on Wednesdays to be able to do a school pick up, making up the hours on Thursdays (when I am home to deal with school runs). This way we only need to cover school wrap-around care for half of the week. Consequently we are both motivated and committed to working for NDM.