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Two new funding schemes have launched that aim to support researchers whose research and career have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  • Health Research Bridging Salary Scheme: Providing bridging salary for researchers working in health-related areas on fixed term or open-ended externally-funded contracts that are ending in 2021-22 while they seek longer-term salary support. The scheme will fund 80% of a researcher’s salary up to Grade 9.6 (or equivalent) for up to 6 months. There will be only one application round for this scheme. Please send questions to the MSD Research Funding Team. Deadline: Wed 16 June, 12noon.
  • COVID Rebuilding Research Momentum Fund (CRRMF): Awards of up to £5,000 to enable staff whose research and career progression have been significantly disrupted by the pandemic to regain their momentum. This is the second round of the scheme and at present there are no plans for additional calls. Successful applicants from the first round are not eligible to apply for further support unless they can make an exceptional case. Please send questions to the John Fell Fund team (Research Services), including 'CRRMF' in the subject line. Deadline: Wed 9 June, 12 noon.