Career Direction

Careers Service Scope

Please be aware that the current scope of the Careers Service is to offer appointments to research staff and DPhil students. However, they do provide a host of resources for staff members who do not fall within these categories.

Additional Support

In addition to the one-to-one sessions provided by the Careers Service, you may also wish to consider joining a mentoring scheme which can provide you with an opportunity to discuss your career options or take advantage of the University Coaching Scheme. There are many different mentoring schemes on offer, each taylored slightly differently and aimed at different staff groups, so individuals can choose the right one for them. We would also encourage you to make use of your Personal Development Review to discuss your development, aspirations and opportunities. Also, look out for posters and e-mails about the various different courses and events on offer which could provide you with the opportunity to explore your career pathways and options.