All new staff to the Department, and on occasion those who take on a new role, will have probation period set out in the contract of employment. The aim of the mid and final probation review meetings is to support you to settle into your new role, identify objectives and goals for the period to follow and to address any issues which you may have encountered. On occasion, it is necessary to extend probation periods in order to provide additional time to achieve a satisfactory level of performance. The Department regards this as an additional support measure, with the aim of confirming you in post as soon as possible.

The required notice period during probation (original or extended) will normally be one week for support staff and one month for academic-related staff.

For more information about Probation, please see the guidance on the Personnel Services website

Training Courses

The following online courses are mandatory for all staff in probation (or newly transferred staff) and must be completed before the final probation review meeting:

  • The University’s  Induction course provided by POD
  • Equality and Diversity Briefing, on-line course provided by POD
  • Implicit Bias in the Workplace training, provided by POD
  • Challenging Behaviour, on-line course provided by POD
  • Information Security Awareness, on-line course provided by the Information Security Team

These can be completed at your own pace but it is recommended that you complete them within the first few weeks of starting.

All NDM staff must complete Unconscious Bias training, regardless of staff category or seniority. The aim of the course is to provide the opportunity to understand the impact of unconscious bias on behaviour and decision-making. Completion of the online version of the course is acceptable for our staff based overseas but if they regularly visit Oxford, they will be asked to attend classroom-based training.  All other staff will be given the opportunity to attend classroom based training, details to follow.