Women in Science – Podcasts

The Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics’ are delighted to host a Women in Science series, which provides successful internal and external female scientists with the opportunity to share their stories and speak candidly about their career and life experiences, both inside and outside of the lab. The series of lectures is open to men and women at all stages of their career and covers the pressing issues facing scientists today, including: career pathways, funding challenges, work and life balance, mentorship, and career progression. Each talk is followed by an informal lunch, allowing time for speakers, scientists and students to share their personal experiences in a social setting.

To find out more about how NDM scientists balance work and family life, please take a look at the Department’s career profile pages.

afa7024a-88af-437a-bf4b-d3032467a2cfIf you’ve got the will and the desire, and if it’s a good idea, you will get the support you need to achieve what you want to do. If women get involved, if they step-up, some of the misapprehensions and misunderstandings of how this place works will be dispelled. That’s how we will change the cultural presence of women in this University, and in this field. – Professor Irene Tracey