Personal Development Review (PDR)

The PDR is a process of self-reflection and assessment, with the aim of identifying training and development needs as well as the setting agreed objectives for the period to follow. The Department’s PDR scheme is underpinned by a set of principles agreed by the Personnel Committee, and supported by the Oxford Learning Institute. Additional information can be obtained on the Personnel Services website.

What is the process?

Your PDR will usually happen on an annual basis. Your local HR team will advise your line manager or group leader when a PDR is due and ask them to arrange a date to meet with you. The first part of the PDR form will be completed prior to the meeting. It is useful to refer back to your previous review, where applicable, to review the objectives set during that discussion when completing the form. The meeting  is a good opportunity for you to discuss your career aspirations and plans, mentoring opportunities, and anything you would like to raise regarding your work-life balance or workload. Following the meeting, the PDR you and your manager will complete the form with the details of your discussion. This will then be returned to your HR team. You may find it useful to keep a copy so you can keep track of your key objectives and your training plan.


The Oxford Learning Institute provides an online course for those new to PDR’s. It is primarily designed to assist reviewers, but may also be of benefit to those whose PDR is scheduled.


Clinicians will need to refer to the Clinical Care website, for details on statutory and mandatory training, appraisal and revalidation.