What is unconscious bias?
When making decisions we are likely to think that we have assessed the pros and cons, considered alternatives, and weighed the possible outcomes before making that decision. However, there is now a growing body of research that is demonstrating that unconscious or hidden beliefs underlie a great deal of our patterns of behaviour about diversity and our instinctive decisions about other people.

Demonstrating unconscious bias
Although we all have biases, they do not necessarily result in discrimination. However, if we are not aware of them and taking steps to keep them consciously under control, they will affect our thinking and decisions, particularly those taken under pressure.

Mitigating unconscious bias
Research suggests that, despite the complex nature of the problem, mitigating the impact of unconscious bias is a relatively simple matter of raising awareness and developing a more mindful approach at key decision-making times.

Unconscious Bias Training
NDM offer Unconscious Bias Training, which is mandatory for all NDM Staff, regardless of staff category or seniority. The course seeks to offer an opportunity to understand the impact of unconscious bias on behaviour and decision-making. The on-line course and face-to-face training session will enable you to learn techniques for minimising the destructive impact of stereotype and unconscious bias.