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In her footsteps…

Every scientist has a story to tell about their passion for research, and everyone needs to balance their career with the other aspects of life. In this podcast series, leading women in the Department interview each other about their inspiration for pursuing research, as well as how they balance the demands of work with their home and family lives, and their interests and pursuits outside the lab.

Ada Lovelace Day

Ada Lovelace was an English mathematician and writer, chiefly known for her work with Charles Babbage on the early mechanical general-purpose computer, the Analytical Engine. Ada Lovelace Day is an annual international event to celebrate the achievements of women in Science, Engineering, Technology and Maths.

NDM is proud to have many successful female scientists in a variety of roles across the Department. To mark this occasion NDM spoke to some of our successful female scientists about their careers and inspiration to become a scientist.


To celebrate Ada Lovelace Day 2014 we interviewed 3 women in different stages of their careers about their experiences as a woman in science.