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Career profiles

NDM encourages its academic partners and administrative staff to speak openly about life inside and outside of the lab. In this series of Career Profiles NDM researchers candidly discuss their careers and how they’ve managed to balance work, home, leisure time and family life with their academic ambitions.

Professor Ellie Barnes

"Having good mentors is key, no matter what field you're in. I think it's wonderful that NDM are putting an official mentorship program in place, particularly for people who are shy or unable to stick up for themselves. Having someone who believes in you and can go in and bat for you is really important." - Professor Ellie Barnes, MRC Senior Research Fellow, Experimental Medicine and Jenner Investigator.

Professor Benedikt Kessler

"Moving to Oxford was as much of a lifestyle choice as a work choice. With our children about to get to school age, my wife and I decided we really wanted to bring up our family in Europe. My wife and I have both worked hard to be where we are today, but we are very grateful for the opportunities we have been given. We couldn’t be in a better place." - Professor Benedikt Kessler, Group Head: Drug discovery, Mass spectrometry and Protein interaction.

Professor Faith Osier

"My vision is to see an effective malaria vaccine made freely available to the poorest communities in rural Africa. I hope to remain in Africa, working to develop solutions to pertinent health issues facing the continent, and training the next generation of researchers to carry the mantle." - Professor Faith Osier, Pathogen Vector and Host Biology, Centre for Tropical Medicine and Global Health, KEMRI-Wellcome Trust.

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