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Family Friendly and Social Events at NDM

The Nuffield Department of Medicine is committed to providing a family friendly environment for its staff, students and researchers. In addition to actively supporting work/life balance, NDM also encourages the organisation of family friendly and social events within each of its Units, Centres and Institutes.

Successful family friendly events in the previous years have included family fun days (in Oxford and Overseas), research building open days, a summer school-holiday outing to Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium, a family trip to the Edward Jenner Museum and a Celebration Reception for the ORCRB building’s five year anniversary. You can read about some of these past events below.

Regular social events include a Happy Hour at the WTCHG on a Friday and sporting activities such as Touch Rugby on a Monday at South Parks. For more information about upcoming events or social gathering opportunities, keep an eye on the NDM news pages, the NDM Newsletter and social mailouts.

Recent Event

The annual WTCHG Family Fun Day

The annual WTCHG Family Fun Day took place on Saturday 9th September, between 10am - 2pm. There was a BBQ, live music, inflatable entertainment and some science stalls too.

Planning an Event?

If you have any family friendly or social events planned, or have recently held an event or open day, we would love to hear from you. Please e-mail our Athena SWAN Coordinator

Outreach and public engagement

Our public engagement and outreach programmes are another way for families to get involved with what we do at NDM. Public engagement is a broad term for a number of activities aimed at sharing research with the public. It is an exchange of knowledge, allowing researchers to meet with the wider community, to interact, listen and learn about who might benefit from their research, and how their research might meet the needs of society. Public engagement is also a way of encouraging people to take an active interest in research.

To find out about upcoming events that you may be able to attend, such as science festivals in the local area, please see our Public Engagement website pages.