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Flexible Working

What is flexible working?

The Department actively promotes a family friendly environment and encourages a good work-life balance whether you have family responsibilities or not. As part of this inclusive approach, the Department & University have part-time working, flexible working and working from home policies. This is in addition to University policies covering family leave; maternity, paternity, adoption and parental leave.

Flexible working can include a wide variety of working practices. Flexibility can be in terms of working time, working location or the pattern of working. Examples could include part-time working, staggered hours, working from home, job-sharing or term-time only working.

How do I apply for flexible working?

If you have 26 weeks continuous service with the University you have the right to request flexible working. If you would like to apply for formal flexible working we would encourage you to discuss this with your manager in the first instance. If it is possible to grant your request, this will result in a change to your contractual terms and conditions. Your local HR team are always available to answer any questions you may have about flexible working and can support you through the process.

You can make a request at any stage during the year but there is also an opportunity to discuss this at your Personal Development Review.

More information can be found on the Part-time workers pages of the University website. Additional guidance on the flexible working application process, as well the downloadable Flexible Working Application Form can be found be found there.

flexible working application process

Flexible working application process

  1. Put in a request with your line manager or HR team for a flexible working pattern (you may wish to use the flexible working application form to do this).
  2. Request considered.
  3. Have a meeting to talk through the options available.

  4. Advise HR

  5. If your request is approved your new working pattern arrrangements will be confirmed.

Case Studies

NDM is actively encouraging the use of flexible working, where possible, as a way for staff to maintain a healthy work-life balance and provide a means for those needing to adapt their working pattern to successfully meet the demands of both the workplace and home life. Some of our staff have shared their experiences of flexible working, exploring some of the benefits and challenges they have faced and the reasons for their flexible working pattern; including spending more quality time with the family, covering child care needs, and to help in the recovery from illness. Please see the case studies below: