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crowd.jpegIt has been five years since the unveiling of the Old Road Campus Research Building (ORCRB) - affectionately known as the "Green Building" for its sparkling emerald exterior. Home to around 300 staff and students, and several University Departments the ORCRB houses three of the Nuffield Department of Medicine's largest Units, including: The Ludwig Institute of Cancer Research, The Structural Genomics Consortium, and The Jenner Institute.

The celebratory reception was held in March 2013 for all ORCRB staff, students and their families, to mark the building's birthday, and to thank those who had contributed to ORCRB's significant research output over the past five years.

The NDM's Business Manager in the ORCRB, Gary Strickland, said the event was an opportunity for relatives, friends and family to see where their partners and colleagues work, and for staff and students to learn more about career development opportunities within the University. Guests were entertained and informed with presentations from the Oxford Learning Institute, scientific posters, an exhibition of the Old Road Campus site expansion, and NDM podcast screenings.

Zinaida Dedeic, a DPhil student in her third year at ORCRB, said she enjoyed the social aspect of the evening, as well as learning more about the campus site expansion. "The reception was a wonderful event," she said. “I met and socialised with people working in the building and had a chance to interact with their families."

"Also, it was great to learn about the expansion of the Old Road Campus. I am looking forward to other events that will give us an opportunity to socialise, and network, with people moving into the new buildings next door."

The Nuffield Department of Medicine supports regular family friendly events in each of its Units, Centres and Institutes.