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  • The annual leave year runs from 1st October to 30th September and your  annual leave entitlement must be used in this period.
  • Your annual leave entitlement is the total leave available for you to request throughout the annual leave year.  This total includes long service and carry forward leave where applicable. Bank holidays and fixed closure days will be automatically deducted (further details below)
  • Staff are encouraged to take regular annual leave breaks throughout the year and its advised that a block of 2 weeks leave can beneficial.
  • You are encouraged to make requests for leave as far in advance as possible in order to facilitate the effective planning of leave arrangements. Leave requests should be made at least two weeks in advance of the leave date(s), where possible. While every effort will be made to accommodate leave requests, approval for specific dates may be withheld where it seriously affects operational requirements. Advance notice of requests to take leave will reduce the likelihood of this situation arising. It is essential that you obtain approval from your line manager prior to taking leave.  To note that leave requests of greater than 2 weeks are unlikely to be approved save for in exceptional circumstances such as for a one off life event, please ensure you discuss these requests with your line manager well in advance of requesting the annual leave.
  • Part-time staff your annual leave is pro rata based on your agreed work pattern and issued to you in hours. Bank holidays and fixed closure days will be automatically deducted based on your work pattern.
  • Bank Holidays will all automatically be deducted from your balance.  There are usually eight days made up of: Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday,  Early May Bank Holiday, Spring Bank Holiday, August Bank Holiday. 
    Bank Holidays 2022/23
    26-Dec-22 Monday Christmas Day (substitute)
    27-Dec-22 Tuesday Boxing Day (substitute)
    2-Jan-23 Monday New Year’s Day (substitute)
    7-Apr-23 Friday Good Friday
    10-Apr-23 Monday Easter Monday
    1-May-23 Monday Early May bank holiday 
    8-May-23 Monday Kings Coronation 
    29-May-23 Monday Spring bank holiday
    28-Aug-23 Monday Summer bank holiday
  • Fixed closure days –  In addition to the above bank holidays,  your annual leave entitlement includes three additional days leave known as 'fixed closure days' .  In NDM we use these days between Christmas and New year and they will automatically be deducted from your balance so you won't need to request these days as annual leave. For this annual leave year the three fixed closure dates are Wednesday 28 to Friday 30 December 2022. 
  • Long service – your long service leave will be applied to your balance at the start of the leave year Pro-rata for part-time
  • Carry forward – in exceptional circumstances a maximum of 5 days (pro rata for part-time) may be carried forward into the next leave year by prior agreement with your line manager/Unit Administrator. Carried forward days must be used by the 31st December. Unused days will be automatically deducted from your entitlement from the 1st January. Note: you will be unable to use carry forward days to request leave over the fixed closure days period as those days are already accounted for.
  • Staff on fixed-term contracts  -  If your contract is due to expire within the current annual leave year, your annual leave will be pro-rated based on your contract end date.  You must use your allocation within this contract period
  • If you resign from your post a pro-rata annual leave entitlement will be worked out based on your agreed leaving date.
  • Some clinical academic-related staff on NHS-equivalent scales have different holiday entitlements.  Details available here