NDM Seminars

Wyatt Yue

Metabolic and Rare Diseases

Professor Wyatt Yue explores how genetic defects lead to disease at the molecular level, by determining 3D structures and biochemical properties of enzymes and protein complexes linked to congenital genetic errors. Professor Yue works closely with clinicians and paediatricians to decipher the underlying genetic, biochemical and cellular mechanisms of these diseases. His long-term aim is to help design novel therapeutic approaches for metabolic diseases.

Watch Professor Yue's podcast on the Genetics of metabolic diseases

NDM Seminars

The purpose of these meetings is to enable departmental members to be aware of the scientific work ongoing in the department, to promote collaborations, to assist in the development of scientific programmes and to promote a collegiate atmosphere amongst our staff.

Wyatt Yue: From Structural Biology to Designing Therapy for Inherited Metabolic Diseases

Professor Wyatt Yue from the Structural Genomics Consortium tells us about recent developments in his research on Rare Diseases. You can view his talk on Weblearn (sign in with your SSO and select 'Recorded Lectures').