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The Nuffield Professor of Medicine

FRCP, FMedSci Richard Cornall - Nuffield Professor of Clinical Medicine and Head of DepartmentThe Nuffield Professorship of Clinical Medicine is a chair at the University of Oxford, established in 1937 with the endowment of William Morris, Lord Nuffield. The chair is the Head of Department of the Nuffield Department of Medicine, and is also associated with a fellowship of Magdalen College.

Professor Richard Cornall has been the current Nuffield Professor of Clinical Medicine and Head of Department since 2019. He is a nephrologist and immunologist who is interested in adaptive immunity, self-tolerance and autoimmune disease. He trained in Cambridge, Oxford, London and Stanford before returning to the University of Oxford, where he was a Wellcome Trust Senior Fellow and then Professor of Immunology.

Previous Nuffield Professors of Medicine include Professor Sir Peter Ratcliffe, winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine 2019; Professor Sir John Bell, currently the Regius Professor of Medicine in Oxford; and Sir David Weatherall

Offices of the Nuffield Professor of Medicine

The Head of Department has a team of specialist Professional Services team who are dedicated to leading specific functional areas and aligning their teams to support the academic mission of the department. These staff are led by Edward Gibbs, the Chief Operating Officer. They cover Human Resources, Research Delivery, Grants Administration, Compliance & Governance, Health and Safety, Facilities and Capital Projects and Finance.

The primary aim of these posts is to assist Heads of Units, senior academics and business managers with work related to large and complex projects, strategic initiatives, or backfilling senior administrative posts as required.

These posts also provide a buffer to strategic and operational changes generated from outside the Department, ranging from the implementation of new finance systems, to external funder related negotiations and horizon scanning for risks and opportunities related to their specialist areas.

The NDM Strategic Professional Services team underpins the primary administration provided within the units, centres and institutes of the Department by ensuring high quality operational support is provided though their teams.

NDM Strategic Team

Darren Nash, Associate Head of Department 

Ed GibbsChief Operating Officer

Bron Marguerie de Rotrou, Director of Finance and Operations

Elena McPhilbin, NDM Head of Human Resources

Caroline Gregory, NDM Head of Finance

Gem Brown, NDM Head of Grant Management

Sarah Hoosdally, NDM Head of Research Delivery

Marin Hirschfeld, NDM Head of Communications

Ben Heath, NDM Head of Compliance and Assurance

Erica Ballabio, NDM Contracts Manager

Richard Margurie de Rotrou, NDM Head of Health and Safety

Ling Jinks, NDM Head of Facilities and Capital Projects

Benjamin Haxton, NDM Continuous Improvement Practitioner

Verity Nevin, Deputy Director of Finance and Operations

Philip Moody, Deputy Director of Finance and Operations

Kathryn Smith, PA to Head of Department

Priya Govindassamy, PA to Associate Head of Department/Governance Admin

Aleks Herrian / Hannah Smith, PA to Bron Margurie de Rotru

Unit Administrators

Big Data Institute Business Manager Liz Thompson
CAMS Oxford Institute Business Manager Karen Valentine
Centre for Human Genetics Business Manager Hannah Roberts
Centre for Human Genetics Deputy Business Manager Fiona Williams
Centre for Immuno-Oncology Business Manager Camilo Quevedo
Centre for Medicines Discovery Business Manager Nick Croman
Centre for Medicines Discovery Deputy Business Manager Hannah Bolter
Centre for Tropical Medicine and Global Health Business Manager Daniel Haggarty
Centre for Tropical Medicine and Global Health Deputy Business Manager Laura Groves
Experimental Medicine Division Senior Business Manager Jo Hovard
Jenner Institute Business Manager Becky Norris
KEMRI Wellcome Trust (Kenya)  Chief Operating Officer Catherine Kenyatta
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research Business Manager Camilo Quevedo
Mahidol Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit (Thailand) Chief Operating Officer David Burton
Medawar Pathogen Research Senior Business Manager Jo Hovard
Oxford University Clinical Research Unit (Vietnam) Head of Operations Sarah Barton
Pandemic Sciences Institute Business Manager David Bartle
Pandemic Sciences Institute Deputy Business Manager Lucy Walker
Structural Biology Business Manager Hannah Roberts
Structural Biology Deputy Business Manager Fiona Williams
Structural Biology Unit Administrator Melissa Matthews
Target Discovery Institute Business Manager Nick Croman
Target Discovery Institute Deputy Business Manager Hannah Bolter