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Endotyping, phenotyping and personalised therapy in obstructive sleep apnoea: are we there yet?

Journal article

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Radial spoke protein 9 is necessary for axoneme assembly in Plasmodium but not in trypanosomatid parasites

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An enrichment protocol and analysis pipeline for long read sequencing of the hepatitis B virus transcriptome

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Statistical inference with exchangeability and martingales.

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Medically important snakes and snakebite envenoming in Iran.

Journal article

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A Small Step Toward Generalizability: Training a Machine Learning Scoring Function for Structure-Based Virtual Screening

Journal article

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Accelerated waning of the humoral response to COVID-19 vaccines in obesity.

Journal article

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Spatiotemporal Drivers of the African Swine Fever Epidemic in Lao PDR

Journal article

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Multiple models for outbreak decision support in the face of uncertainty.

Journal article

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