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We describe a comprehensive and unique database 'Priority index' (Pi; of prioritized genes encoding potential therapeutic targets that encompasses all major immune-mediated diseases. We provide targets at the gene level, each receiving a 5-star rating supported by: genomic evidence arising from disease genome-wide associations and functional immunogenomics, annotation evidence using ontologies restricted to genes with genomic evidence, and network evidence from protein interactions. Target genes often act together in related molecular pathways. The underlying Pi approach is unique in identifying a network of highly rated genes that mediate pathway crosstalk. In the Pi website, disease-centric pages are specially designed to enable the users to browse a complete list of prioritized genes and also a manageable list of nodal genes at the pathway crosstalk level; both switchable by clicks. Moreover, target genes are cross-referenced and supported using additional information, particularly regarding tractability, including druggable pockets viewed in 3D within protein structures. Target genes highly rated across diseases suggest drug repurposing opportunity, while genes in a particular disease reveal disease-specific targeting potential. To facilitate the ease of such utility, cross-disease comparisons involving multiple diseases are also supported. This facility, together with the faceted search, enhances integrative mining of the Pi resource to accelerate early-stage therapeutic target identification and validation leveraging human genetics.

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Nucleic Acids Res

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