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Thoracic ultrasound has developed into an integral part of the respiratory physician's diagnostic and therapeutic toolbox, with high diagnostic accuracy for many diseases causing acute or chronic respiratory symptoms. However, it is vitally important that the operator has received the appropriate education and training to ensure a systematic and thorough examination, correct image interpretation, and that they then have the appropriate skills to integrate all the findings for patient benefit. In this review, we present the new European Respiratory Society thoracic ultrasound training programme, including a discussion of curriculum development, its implementation, and trainee evaluation. This programme enables participants to gain competence in thoracic ultrasound through structured, evidence-based training with robustly validated assessments and certification. The training programme consists of three components: an online, theoretical part (part 1), which is accessible all year; a practical course (part 2), with four courses held each year (two online courses and two on-site courses); and an examination (part 3) comprising an objective structured clinical examination (OSCE), which is hosted each year at the European Respiratory Society Congress.

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Journal article


Breathe (Sheffield, England)

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Department of Radiology, Odense University Hospital - Svendborg, UNIFY - Research and Innovation Unit of Radiology, Odense, Denmark.