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MOTIVATION: The program ESPript (Easy Sequencing in PostScript) allows the rapid visualization, via PostScript output, of sequences aligned with popular programs such as CLUSTAL-W or GCG PILEUP. It can read secondary structure files (such as that created by the program DSSP) to produce a synthesis of both sequence and structural information. RESULTS: ESPript can be run via a command file or a friendly html-based user interface. The program calculates an homology score by columns of residues and can sort this calculation by groups of sequences. It offers a palette of markers to highlight important regions in the alignment. ESPript can also paste information on residue conservation into coordinate files, for subsequent visualization with a graphics program. AVAILABILITY: ESPript can be accessed on its Web site at Sources and helpfiles can be downloaded via anonymous ftp from A tar file is held in the directory pub/ESPript.


Journal article



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305 - 308


Amino Acid Sequence, Molecular Sequence Data, Protein Structure, Secondary, Proteins, Sequence Alignment, Software