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AIMS: This study aimed to compare the efficacy of different disinfection methods in eliminating Salmonella contamination from turkey houses. METHODS AND RESULTS: Fifty depopulated turkey houses which had all housed Salmonella-positive flocks were visited after cleaning and disinfection. A minimum of 45 swab samples from different surfaces were taken per house and analysed for the presence of Salmonella. The sampled surfaces included intact floor surfaces, floor cracks, walls, feeders, drinkers, anteroom, nestboxes and miscellaneous items. Houses were grouped according to the disinfectant which had been used and the efficacy of the different groups of disinfectants was compared. Sixty-eight % of houses tested positive for Salmonella after C&D. Out of 4440 samples, 207 tested positive for Salmonella, giving an overall sample prevalence of 4.7%. There was no significant difference in the level of residual contamination between breeding, rearing and finishing houses. Products containing a mixture of formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde and quaternary ammonium compounds (QAC) performed significantly better than products containing hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid. Cleaning and disinfection was least effective in nestboxes and anterooms. CONCLUSIONS: Thorough cleaning and the choice of a suitable disinfectant are crucial if Salmonella contamination of turkey houses is to be eliminated. SIGNIFICANCE AND IMPACT OF THE STUDY: This study shows that disinfectants containing a mixture of formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde and QAC perform significantly better under field conditions than oxidising products and should therefore be the first choice for disinfection of turkey premises where Salmonella is present.

Original publication




Journal article


J Appl Microbiol

Publication Date





471 - 479


Animals, Disinfectants, Disinfection, Formaldehyde, Glutaral, Housing, Animal, Poultry Diseases, Salmonella Infections, Animal, Turkeys