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The Internet is enabling scientists and clinicians in areas with endemic malaria to transfer information to scientists and clinicians in other countries. This should allow changes in therapy to follow the rapid changes in the disease that have posed such difficulties in the past. This article reviews Internet resources that focus on malaria. This includes 90 Web sites in 12 sections. Authoritative multinational organizational sites and regional sites, such as those in Africa, Asia (including Thailand and India), and South America (in Venezuela and Brazil), are described. Basic research-oriented databases, such as those that deal with plasmodia genomics, biochemistry, and vaccine development, as well as vector information and geographic satellite information systems, are reviewed. There is a section about malaria research-funding organizations that offer online applications. Useful teaching resources and journals, including those with full online access, are detailed.

Original publication




Journal article


Clin Infect Dis

Publication Date





651 - 661


Africa, Asia, Humans, Internet, Malaria, Medical Informatics, South America