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Vaccine research is a combinatorial science requiring computational analysis of vaccine components, formulations and optimization. We have developed a framework that combines computational tools for the study of immune function and vaccine development. This framework, named ImmunoGrid combines conceptual models of the immune system, models of antigen processing and presentation, system-level models of the immune system, Grid computing, and database technology to facilitate discovery, formulation and optimization of vaccines. ImmunoGrid modules share common conceptual models and ontologies. The ImmunoGrid portal offers access to educational simulators where previously defined cases can be displayed, and to research simulators that allow the development of new, or tuning of existing, computational models. The portal is accessible at <>.

Original publication




Journal article


Brief Bioinform

Publication Date





330 - 340


Computational Biology, Computer Systems, Database Management Systems, Databases, Factual, Drug Design, Humans, Immune System, Major Histocompatibility Complex, Models, Biological, Systems Integration, Vaccines