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Cough is a common complaint in children. However, data on aetiologies and outcome of chronic cough are sparse in Hong Kong Chinese children. Methods: Records of children referred to the out-patient clinic for chronic cough, defined as cough for more than 4 weeks, in Kwong Wah Hospital, a secondary hospital, over a 12-month period were reviewed. Underlying diagnoses and outcomes after follow up for a variable period were ascertained. Results: 42 patients were included. Chronic cough cases represented 8% of the new referrals. The most common final diagnosis was allergic rhinitis (31%), followed by asthma. Over a follow up period ranging from 4 to 12 months, cough resolved in 54.8%, partially resolved in 40.5% and persisted in 4.7% of patients. Persistent nasal symptoms were identified in 54.8% of our chronic cough patient. 43.5% of allergic rhinitis patient had co-existing asthma. Conclusion: Allergic rhinitis with or without co-existing asthma is the commonest cause of chronic cough in children referred to this department.


Journal article


Hong Kong Journal of Paediatrics

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