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The carB gene, encoding the phytoene dehydrogenase of Mucor circinelloides, was isolated by heterologous hybridisation with a probe derived from the corresponding gene of Phycomyces blakesleeanus. The cDNA and genomic copies complemented phytoene dehydrogenase defects in Escherichia coli and in carB mutants of M. circinelloides, respectively. Fluence-response curves for transcript accumulation were constructed after different blue-light pulses. The level of carB mRNA accumulation reached values up to 150-fold higher than basal levels in darkness. Several elements in the promoter of this gene resemble a consensus sequence identified in Neurospora crassa (APE) which is essential for blue-light regulation. Comparison of the available phytoene dehydrogenase sequences from plants, fungi, algae and bacteria suggests that the two known types of phytoene dehydrogenase are more closely related to each other than previously thought.

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938 - 946


Amino Acid Sequence, Blotting, Northern, Blotting, Southern, Escherichia coli, Gene Expression Regulation, Plant, Genetic Complementation Test, Light, Molecular Sequence Data, Mucor, Oxidoreductases, Phycomyces, Phylogeny, Polymerase Chain Reaction, Promoter Regions, Genetic, Sequence Alignment