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Since its inception seventy five years ago, the East African Medical Journal has provided an uninterrupted forum through which medical practitioners and scientists could publish their research. Although the EAMJ was initially prepared for an audience of colonial medical officers, by the 1930s the journal expanded to include subscription and submissions from Northern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and West Africa. Our review begins with a history of the journal's production, exploring the shifts in editorial composition. We then focus more directly on a discussion of papers and editorials on malaria, a disease that continues to challenge the region of East Africa. Our review highlights the importance of the journal's commitment to publications on this major health problem within the East African environment. Of particular interest, our review shows that many of today's concerns, debates and recommendations for control or treatment of malaria in East Africa were discussed and debated in earlier issues of the EAMJ. Medical policy for the region with regard to malaria will benefit from revisiting previous volumes of the EAMJ. These contributions will ensure the journal a significant place in the world of research publications for the coming seventy five years.


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S10 - S19