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The surface lipopolysaccharide of gram-negative bacteria is both a virulence factor and a B cell antigen. Antibodies against O-antigen of lipopolysaccharide may confer protection against infection, and O-antigen conjugates have been designed against multiple pathogens. Here, we describe a simplified methodology for extraction and purification of the O-antigen core portion of Salmonella lipopolysaccharide, suitable for large-scale production. Lipopolysaccharide extraction and delipidation are performed by acetic acid hydrolysis of whole bacterial culture and can take place directly in a bioreactor, without previous isolation and inactivation of bacteria. Further O-antigen core purification consists of rapid filtration and precipitation steps, without using enzymes or hazardous chemicals. The process was successfully applied to various Salmonella enterica serovars (Paratyphi A, Typhimurium, and Enteritidis), obtaining good yields of high-quality material, suitable for conjugate vaccine preparations.

Original publication




Journal article


Anal Biochem

Publication Date





136 - 145


Bioreactors, Chemical Precipitation, Chromatography, Gel, Chromatography, High Pressure Liquid, Filtration, Hydrolysis, O Antigens, Salmonella