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Data regarding the prevalence of fungal infections in Vietnam are limited yet they are likely to occur more frequently as increasingly sophisticated healthcare creates more iatrogenic risk factors. In this study, we sought to estimate baseline incidence and prevalence of selected serious fungal infections for the year 2012. We made estimates with a previously described actuarial method, using reports on the incidence and prevalence of various established risk factors for fungal infections from Vietnam, or similar environments, supplemented by personal communications. Global data were used if local data were unavailable. We estimated 2,352,748 episodes of serious fungal infection occurred in Vietnam in 2012. Frequent conditions included recurrent vaginal candidiasis (3893/100,000 women annually), tinea capitis (457/100,000 annually) and chronic pulmonary aspergillosis (61/100,000/5 year period). We estimated 140 cases of cryptococcal meningitis, 206 of penicilliosis and 608 of Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia. This is the first summary of Vietnamese fungal infections. The majority of severe disease is due to Aspergillus species, driven by the high prevalence of pulmonary tuberculosis. The AIDS epidemic highlights opportunistic infections, such as penicilliosis and cryptococcosis, which may complicate immunosuppressive treatments. These estimates provide a useful indication of disease prevalence to inform future research and resource allocation but should be verified by further epidemiological approaches.

Original publication




Journal article



Publication Date



58 Suppl 5


101 - 106


Burden, Vietnam, epidemiology, fungal, incidence, prevalence, AIDS-Related Opportunistic Infections, Adolescent, Adult, Candidiasis, Vulvovaginal, Child, Child, Preschool, Cost of Illness, Cryptococcosis, Female, Humans, Incidence, Infant, Male, Meningitis, Cryptococcal, Middle Aged, Mycoses, Pneumonia, Pneumocystis, Prevalence, Pulmonary Aspergillosis, Risk Factors, Tinea Capitis, Tuberculosis, Vietnam, Young Adult