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One of the key research areas surrounding HIV-1 concerns the regulation of the fusion event that occurs between the virus particle and the host cell during entry. Even if it is universally accepted that the large GTPase dynamin-2 is important during HIV-1 entry, its exact role during the first steps of HIV-1 infection is not well characterized. Here, we have utilized a multidisciplinary approach to study the DNM2 role during fusion of HIV-1 in primary resting CD4 T and TZM-bl cells. We have combined advanced light microscopy and functional cell-based assays to experimentally assess the role of dynamin-2 during these processes. Overall, our data suggest that dynamin-2, as a tetramer, might help to establish hemi-fusion and stabilizes the pore during HIV-1 fusion.

Original publication




Journal article


Cell Rep

Publication Date





443 - 453


Dynamin-2, HIV-1 fusion, advanced light imaging, cell-cell fusion, number and brightness, CD4-Positive T-Lymphocytes, Cell Count, Cell Fusion, Dynamin II, Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer, Genes, Reporter, HEK293 Cells, HIV-1, Humans, Hydrazones, Kinetics, Membrane Fusion, Models, Biological, Protein Multimerization, Virion, Virus Internalization