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The neuronal migration hypothesis of dyslexia: A critical evaluation 30 years on.

Journal article

Guidi LG. et al, (2018), Eur J Neurosci, 48, 3212 - 3233

Normal radial migration and lamination are maintained in dyslexia-susceptibility candidate gene homolog Kiaa0319 knockout mice.

Journal article

Martinez-Garay I. et al, (2017), Brain Struct Funct, 222, 1367 - 1384

The Dyslexia-susceptibility Protein KIAA0319 Inhibits Axon Growth Through Smad2 Signaling.

Journal article

Franquinho F. et al, (2017), Cereb Cortex, 27, 1732 - 1747

Chorein Deficiency and Alzheimer Disease: An Intriguing, Yet Premature Speculation.

Journal article

Velayos-Baeza A. and Danek A., (2017), Alzheimer Dis Assoc Disord, 31, 80 - 81

Drosophila Vps13 Is Required for Protein Homeostasis in the Brain.

Journal article

Vonk JJ. et al, (2017), PLoS One, 12

Eighth International Chorea-Acanthocytosis Symposium: Summary of Workshop Discussion and Action Points.

Journal article

Pappas SS. et al, (2017), Tremor Other Hyperkinet Mov (N Y), 7

Late Emergence of Parkinsonian Phenotype and Abnormal Dopamine Transporter Scan in Chorea-Acanthocytosis

Journal article

Nagy A. et al, (2015), Movement Disorders Clinical Practice, 2, 182 - 186



Velayos Baeza A. et al, (2014), GeneReviews® [Internet]

Mutation in the CHAC gene in a family of autosomal dominant chorea-acanthocytosis.

Journal article

Walker RH. et al, (2012), Neurology, 79, 198 - 199

Autosomal recessive transmission of chorea-acanthocytosis confirmed.

Journal article

Danek A. et al, (2012), Acta Neuropathol, 123, 905 - 906

Chorea-acanthocytosis genotype in the original critchley kentucky neuroacanthocytosis kindred

Conference paper

Velayos-Baeza A. et al, (2011), Archives of Neurology, 68, 1330 - 1333

Chorea-acanthocytosis genotype in the original critchley kentucky neuroacanthocytosis kindred.

Journal article

Velayos-Baeza A. et al, (2011), Arch Neurol, 68, 1330 - 1333

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