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The feasibility of novel point-of-care diagnostics for febrile illnesses at health centres in Southeast Asia: a mixed-methods study

Journal article

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Burden of Postinfectious Symptoms after Acute Dengue, Vietnam

Journal article

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Dengue algorithms integrated into the IMCI guidelines: An updated assessment in five Southeast-Asian countries.

Journal article

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The compensatory reserve index predicts recurrent shock in patients with severe dengue.

Journal article

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Higher Plasma Viremia in the Febrile Phase Is Associated With Adverse Dengue Outcomes Irrespective of Infecting Serotype or Host Immune Status: An Analysis of 5642 Vietnamese Cases.

Journal article

Vuong NL. et al, (2021), Clinical infectious diseases : an official publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, 72, e1074 - e1083

Remote-Controlled and Pulse Pressure–Guided Fluid Treatment for Adult Patients with Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers

Journal article

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Dengue virus induces PCSK9 expression to alter antiviral responses and disease outcomes

Journal article

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Severe dengue categories as research endpoints—Results from a prospective observational study in hospitalised dengue patients

Journal article

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