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Hypoxic microenvironment shapes HIV-1 replication and latency

Journal article

Zhuang X. et al, (2020), Communications Biology, 3

MITF controls the TCA cycle to modulate the melanoma hypoxia response.

Journal article

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Studying the effects of disease associated polymorphism on a transcriptional pathway: A case study in renal cell carcinoma

Conference paper

Schmid V. et al, (2018), EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF HUMAN GENETICS, 26, 549 - 550

The SIN3A histone deacetylase complex is required for a complete transcriptional response to hypoxia

Journal article

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Multiple renal cancer susceptibility polymorphisms modulate the HIF pathway

Journal article

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Capture‐C reveals preformed chromatin interactions between HIF ‐binding sites and distant promoters

Journal article

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Clinical features of the pathogenic m.5540G>A mitochondrial transfer RNA tryptophan gene mutation

Journal article

Ng YS. et al, (2016), Neuromuscular Disorders, 26, 702 - 705

Tuning the Transcriptional Response to Hypoxia by Inhibiting Hypoxia-inducible Factor (HIF) Prolyl and Asparaginyl Hydroxylases

Journal article

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Hypoxic regulation of the noncoding genome and NEAT1

Journal article

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Hypoxia, Hypoxia-inducible Transcription Factors, and Renal Cancer

Journal article

Schödel J. et al, (2016), European Urology, 69, 646 - 657

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