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Correction to: Predicting Radiotherapy Patient Outcomes with Real-Time Clinical Data Using Mathematical Modelling

Journal article

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Using a probabilistic approach to derive a two-phase model of flow-induced cell migration

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Extended correlation functions for spatial analysis of multiplex imaging data

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Investigating the Influence of Growth Arrest Mechanisms on Tumour Responses to Radiotherapy.

Journal article

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A target-cell limited model can reproduce influenza infection dynamics in hosts with differing immune responses

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Journal article

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Quantification of spatial and phenotypic heterogeneity in an agent-based model of tumour-macrophage interactions

Journal article

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A new lipid-structured model to investigate the opposing effects of LDL and HDL on atherosclerotic plaque macrophages

Journal article

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Two-phase model of compressive stress induced on a surrounding hyperelastic medium by an expanding tumour

Journal article

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