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Inflammation across tissues: can shared cell biology help design smarter trials?

Journal article

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Pathogenic Interleukin-10 Receptor Alpha Variants in Humans — Balancing Natural Selection and Clinical Implications

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Human MD2 deficiency-an inborn error of immunity with pleiotropic features.

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Incidence, management and outcomes of very early onset inflammatory bowel diseases and infantile-onset disease: an epi-IIRN study.

Journal article

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Chromosomal numeric aberrations and rare copy number variation in patients with inflammatory bowel disease.

Journal article

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An Integrated Taxonomy for Monogenic Inflammatory Bowel Disease (vol 162, pg 859, 2022)

Journal article

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UNC45A deficiency causes microvillus inclusion disease-like phenotype by impairing myosin VB-dependent apical trafficking.

Journal article

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