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Deletion of the deISGylating enzyme USP18 enhances tumour cell antigenicity and radiosensitivity.

Journal article

Pinto-Fernandez A. et al, (2020), British journal of cancer

Quantifying CDK inhibitor selectivity in live cells.

Journal article

Wells CI. et al, (2020), Nature communications, 11

Quantifying Target Occupancy of Small Molecules Within Living Cells.

Journal article

Robers MB. et al, (2020), Annual review of biochemistry

Importance of Quantifying Drug-Target Engagement in Cells

Journal article

Stefaniak J. and Huber KVM., (2020), ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters

A chemical biology toolbox to study protein methyltransferases and epigenetic signaling

Journal article

Scheer S. et al, (2019), Nature Communications, 10

A Chemical Probe for Tudor Domain Protein Spindlin1 to Investigate Chromatin Function

Journal article

Fagan V. et al, (2019), Journal of Medicinal Chemistry

Fragment-based discovery of a chemical probe for the PWWP1 domain of NSD3.

Journal article

Böttcher J. et al, (2019), Nature chemical biology

Regulation of influenza a virus mRNA splicing by CLK1.

Journal article

Artarini A. et al, (2019), Antiviral Res

The Effect of House Prices on Household Borrowing: A New Approach

Journal article

Cloyne J. et al, (2019), AMERICAN ECONOMIC REVIEW, 109, 2104 - 2136

Rapid covalent-probe discovery by electrophile-fragment screening.

Journal article

Resnick E. et al, (2019), J Am Chem Soc

Target identification studies of a utrophin modulator for treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Conference paper


Design, Synthesis and Characterization of Covalent KDM5 Inhibitors

Journal article

Vazquez‐Rodriguez S. et al, (2019), Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 58, 515 - 519

Discovery of an MLLT1/3 YEATS Domain Chemical Probe.

Journal article

Moustakim M. et al, (2018), Angew Chem Int Ed Engl, 57, 16302 - 16307

Chemical Instability and Promiscuity of Arylmethylidenepyrazolinone-Based MDMX Inhibitors.

Journal article

Stefaniak J. et al, (2018), ACS Chem Biol, 13, 2849 - 2854

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