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STAG1 vulnerabilities for exploiting cohesin synthetic lethality in STAG2-deficient cancers.

Journal article

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The crystal structure of human forkhead box N1 in complex with DNA reveals the structural basis for forkhead box family specificity.

Journal article

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Development of Pyridine-based Inhibitors for the Human Vaccinia-related Kinases 1 and 2.

Journal article

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A Chemical Probe Targeting AAK1 and BMP2K

Journal article

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Streamlining the production of proteins for structural biology

Journal article

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Insights into the RecQ helicase mechanism revealed by the structure of the helicase domain of human RECQL5.

Journal article

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Conformational Plasticity of the MAGE-A3 Protein as a Therapeutic Strategy in Multiple Myeloma


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